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Brewing Lifestyle Beer

HARDLINE BREWERY makes a LIFESTYLE BEER like nothing else on the market.

When drinking our beer, you can expect a clean, well-balanced beer with great taste. Artisan-made, blending traditional craft methods and the latest technology, our beers explode with aromas and flavours compared to anything mass-produced.

You realise how different we are when reading the labels on our 100% recyclable cans. Devoid of the stuff that makes you feel bad, we have created a unique beer that doesn’t taste like a watered-down flavourless near-beer!


Andrew Caird

  • Owner / Brewer
  • Founded Caird Family Wines in 2020
  • Background in sport – pro elite mountain biker, Cat 1 road cyclist, mountaineer, Ironman, ski instructor, FA football coach, and tennis coach.

“As a consumer, I wanted a beer that matched my LIFESTYLE. While I no longer spend hours and hours training, I am still active and try to stay healthy. Drinking traditional beer loaded with residual sugars and chemicals didn’t make sense, so I decided to brew a beer with an improved nutritional profile.”



We have more information available, and our nutrition knowledge is vast compared to previous generations. Yet, levels of cancer, diabetes and heart disease are at an all-time high. Among the reasons for this are that the mass-produced processed food and drinks that we consume every day are loaded with ingredients that are bad for us.

Your choice of beer alone will not fix these issues, but it forms part of a broader decision-making process that will. We are making LIFESTYLE BEER so that you have a choice. You can now drink a great-tasting craft beer, which is a healthier option than your traditional beer.

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