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Morning Moon – Cream Ale

£2.50 /can

There is no hiding the fact that this is a “lawnmower beer” It’s a light beer that you can crush on a hot summer’s day, or order as a first beer at the pub to quench your thirst. Expect a clear beer, mild spicy hops, clean finish and surprising body for a low-carb and low-calorie beer.

Visual – Light colour with a golden hue, clear of sediment

Aroma – Pine and spice come from the hops, with bread and earthy richness from the barley

Taste – Light-bodied, less than medium bitterness, medium sweetness, lightly hopped, hints of caramel. Ultra-refreshing with a clean, dry (Brut) finish.

Tech spec – 3.4% AVB, 18.5 IBC, 5.5 EBC

Other – Vegan-friendly, reduced gluten, lower in carbs, fewer calories, chemical free, 100% recyclable bottle.


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All of the Hardline Beers range have a fantastic flavour and fragrance. I’ll be drinking more before too long!


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