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Fully Completely – IPA

£2.75 /bottle

Experience the boldness of an IPA without compromising on gluten, carbs, or calories. Fully Completely is our prized gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie IPA. It delivers a satisfyingly aromatic and flavourful punch without overwhelming your palate.

Visual – Light brown, golden colour, clear of sediment, medium head lasting 5 min plus.

Aromas – Hints of baked bread and toffee from the barley, with floral, lemon and lychees from the hops.

Taste –  Slightly more than medium bitterness, just a bit less than medium sweetness, bold but not overpowering hops (you will get more aromas than bitter taste), Refreshing with a clean, dry finish.

Tech spec – 4.2% AVB, 34 IBU, 12 EBC

Other – Vegan-friendly, reduced gluten, lower in carbohydrates, fewer calories, chemical free,  100% recyclable bottle.


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All of the Hardline Beers range have a fantastic flavour and fragrance. I’ll be drinking more before too long!


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