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Three Pistols – Amber Ale

£2.75 /bottle

Discover the marriage of tradition and health benefits in Three Pistols, an English Amber Ale with a modern twist. Savour the smooth, malt-forward flavours as you sip on this CAMRA-centric brew. It’s a delightful, smooth ale with a clean finish.

Visual – An almond brown colour, clear of sediment, lightly carbonated and a decent head

Aromas – Hints of baked bread and toffee from the barley, with a mix of floral, cedar and lemongrass from the hops.

Taste –  This example is lightly hopped at the beginning of the boil. It should not be too bitter but you will find pleasant notes of spice that offset the caramel. As with all my beers, you should experience a refreshingly clean and dry finish.

Tech spec – 4.2% AVB, 19 IBU, 19 EBC

Other – Vegan-friendly, reduced gluten, lower in carbohydrates, fewer calories, chemical free, 100% recyclable bottle.


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All of the Hardline Beers range have a fantastic flavour and fragrance. I’ll be drinking more before too long!


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